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Idea 3 – Motivation

At this stage of Solo Performance, I feel like I lack motivation behind each idea and am still trying to grasp the concept.  By describing my biggest source of motivation, hopefully it will prompt an idea or a performance that has more meaning behind it.


My Mother

I have always had so much in common with my mum.  She’s the most inspirational most motivational person in my life. Mum 1 Born as Heather Dawn Jackson, into a poor family in Amptill, she was instantly set to face hundreds of hard times in her life. At a young age she was told she was going on holiday, she was actually taken to a care home for children.  While both her parents loved her very much, they simply couldn’t look after her and couldn’t face telling her in person.  One day she was brought back home.  Her sister was born blind therefore needing a carer, her mother suffered from depression at times and the father was always working so Dawn had to look after her sister.  Her father soon died of lung Cancer due to his smoking addiction.  With no money, no promise of future happiness, no hope, she somehow managed to find some.  She longed for the limelight, the wealth.  She decided to become an actress.  She changed her name to Kelly Dawn Summers and forced her way up the business by starting off as a stunt woman.  She then appeared in several films, one being Robin Hood.  She soon went into Radio as a personality called ‘Afeelya Body’.  Now you can start to see where my personality stems from.  After finding success on her own radio show, she then decided at a later age, toMum 2 go to university.  She got a degree in nutition and physcotherapy.  She became a personal trainer, creating her own videos and ended up giving motivational speeches at my school.  Ultimately she became a successful psychotherapist helping hundreds of people overcome their trubbled past and begin a new, more eventful happy life.  Several years ago, my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer, due to her attitude, nutrition and fitness level she managed to overcome this, until it came back in the lung.  It was a harsh type of lung cancer, however she managed to live a lot longer than expected due to her mental fortitude.  My mum was always there for me to talk to, I could tell her anything due to her care free attitude.  My mum was the soul and the life of the party, everyone loved her.  She insisted on being the centre of attention and always looked on the bright side of life.  Luckily this has passed on to me.  I cherish this with all my heart.  Yeah I have moments where I’m down, but I bounce back quick, why wait?  Give me one good reason why you should spend a second longer feeling down when you could spend it being happy?  Yes it’s easier said that done, trust me, I know.  But once someone realises this way of living, I genuinely consider it to be invaluable.


Possible Idea – Motivation

The past is a huge part of ones character.  However it doesn’t embody a person.  Someone’s past can prompt a certain way of thinking and an outlook on life.  Changing or enhancing that outlook isn’t always a simple task.

Stand up comedy? (potential practitioner Whoopi Goldburg – creates humour based on her appearance and skin colour etc)

Topics to discuss:

  • Physique (then and now) – Could be humorous to begin with, then include a more serious undertone?
  • Mindset – initially care free (addicted to masturbation during class) and now more focused?